Multi-Fuel (ISO-Clean) & Lynx Stoves

We have created a line of stoves that have integrated pot stands. This allows you the flexibility to cook using your existing pot or mug. We offer two classes of stoves: the Multi-Fuel (ISO-Clean) Series and the Lynx Series. The Multi-Fuel (ISO-Clean) Stoves are design to burn isopropyl alcohol without generating soot. It will also burn denatured alcohol, gelled alcohols, Sterno and Esbit (solid fuels).  We offer several stove configurations (see the details below). The Lynx Series was designed to burn denatured alcohol. The Lynx family is a no-nonsense, straight forward stove designed to boil water. No frills and has everything that you need to get the job done. Note that you will still need a wind break / windscreen and we recommend a heat shield as well.


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The Multi-Fuel (ISO-Clean) Series of Stoves

The Multi-Fuel 2.5 (ISO-Clean)  Stove – burns isopropyl, denatured and gelled alcohol as well as Sterno & Esbit

Iso Clean 2.5The Multi-Fuel 2.5 (ISO-Clean) is a stove that will burn isopropyl alcohol without generating soot! This stove is designed to burn 91% rubbing alcohol.  70% can be used, however; the total burn time will be reduced. We consider the Multi-Fuel stove to be a “fair weather” stove as isopropyl alcohol is more difficult to light in cold temperatures (we recommend the use of butane lighter).  The stove works works well at 5000′, at 9000′ we noticed that the burn rate is significantly reduced.  After lighting, the stove needs about a minute of burn time to pre-heat the stove. The stove has about a one ounce capacity and can boil ~ 3 cups of water. The time to boil varies with the pot diameter, volume and material.  As with all stoves, you will need to provide a well-designed windscreen.  This is important with isopropyl stoves as a breeze can cause the flame to run rich thereby generating soot.   The flame front collapses at the end of the burn and will create soot. To prevent this, just remove the pot after it has reached a boil. Weight 1.15 oz. (31 grams).

The Multi-Fuel USGI Stove

Iso Clean USGIThe Multi-Fuel USGI was designed specifically to meet the needs of kidney shaped pots. Two common varieties are the USGI Canteen Cup and the Crusader Cup. The Multi-Fuel USGI produces an oblong shaped flame and will keep your handles cool to the touch. The performance of this stove is on par with the rest of our Multi-Fuel stoves. We recommend using 91% rubbing alcohol though 70% will also work with a slightly lower heating capacity. 99% rubbing alcohol and HEET (in the red bottle) will also work as long as you dilute the mixture with a little water.  While HEET will work, we recommend using rubbing alcohol as it has less additives.

The Multi-Fuel 1.0 Stove – for use with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

For the Bobcat and Snow Leopard Cooking Systems Iso Clean 1.0We invented the Multi-Fuel stove for isopropyl alcohol and it burns rubbing alcohol without creating soot!  This is a great stove when a) denatured alcohol is not readily available and b) excellent for people who have concerns about handling methanol.  This is a “fair weather” stove as it becomes difficult to light at temperatures below freezing.  Additionally, the stove performs fine at 5000′ but at 9000′ we saw the burn rate diminish by a significant amount.  Using 70% isopropyl, the Iso-Clean stove will boil 2 cups of water in ~10 minutes using ½ oz. of alcohol.  For the best soot free operation, the stove needs to warm up for a minute prior to putting the pot on.  See the Hiram Cook YouTube video where he tests the Multi-Fuel stove!  The Multi-Fuel Stove will work with both the Bobcat and Snow Leopard Systems.  With proper care, 91% isopropyl can be used in the Bobcat System. Weight 1.0 oz. (30 grams)


The Lynx Series of Stoves

Lynx 2.5 Alcohol Stove

Lynx 2.5 is an alcohol stove with an integrated pot stand.  Lynx is a fuel efficient stove that will boil 2 cups of water (70 F) using a little over ½ oz. of alcohol (18 ml to be exact!).  It will bring water to boil in about 8 minutes.  The body it made of 302 Stainless Steel and we use carbon felt as the wick on the inside of the stove.  While you only need a small amount of fuel to boil 2 cups of water, the Lynx Stove will hold up to 3 ounces of fuel. At that volume, you can boil 10 cups of water in about 30 minutes!  Lynx weighs 39 grams (1.4 oz) is 2.78″ diamter and is 1.8″ tall.  The stove will hold up to 3 fluid oz. of fuel.

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The Lynx Titanium Low-Rider

Lynx Titanium Low-Rider is an alcohol stove with an integrated pot stand that was designed specifically for the minimalist backpacker. This stove was designed to boil 2 cups of water and has a fuel capacity of around 1 fluid ounce. The Lynx Titanium Low-Rider weighs a scant 18 grams  The stove is a fuel efficient stove that will boil 2 cups of water (70 F) using a little over ½ oz. of alcohol (18 ml to be exact!).  It will bring water to boil in about 8 minutes.  The body is made of Grade 2 Titanium and we use carbon felt as the wick on the inside of the stove. You can reduce the weight even more by removing the carbon felt (at the expense of a longer time to boil).  The Lynx Titanium Low-Rider is 1 3/8″ tall and has a 2 3/4″  diameter and weighs 18 grams.