Ocelot HX: Soto WindMaster

Ocelot HX: Soto WindMaster

The Ocelot HX: Soto WindMaster is a way to adapt a windscreen to HX pots. Since the pot is supported by the support arms, any HX pot that will rest on a Soto WindMaster (4 Flex) will work.
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    The Ocelot HX: Soto WindMaster is a windcreen for HX pots (stove not included). When used with the Soto WindMaster, you can dramatically improve the wind robusteness any HX pot. The stove requires no modifications and can easily be converted back to the standard position in seconds. Since the Windscreen fits flush to the pot support arms, it cannot be used with regular mugs or pots.
  • Replace the current lid (58 grams) with a light weight aluminum lid (18 grams)
  • This snap on windshield will provide additional protection in high winds


The Ocelot HX:Soto WindMaster is a windscreen designed to enhance the wind robustness of the Soto WindMaster (4 Flex) stove.  In calm conditions, you can boil 500 ml of 20C water using 6 grams of fuel  (or 2 cups of 70 F water using 5.5 grams of fuel).   In 7 mph winds, the fuel consumption increases to about 10 grams of fuel.

NOTE: not just the Sterno Inferno, but the Fire Maple 1 liter pot, JetBoil Stash, Bulin HX and of that matter any HX pot that can be supported by the Soto WindMaster 4 Flex.

Stainless Steel – 19 grams


18 grams (Inferno)

10 grams (Inferno)






Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in