Ocelot Windscreens – Original

These are customized windscreens for canister topped stoves.  We support the following: Pocket Rocket 2 & Deluxe, Pocket Rocket Original, BRS 3000 (and clones), Soto WindMaster 3 & 4 Flex, Soto Amicus, Fire Maple 300 & Hornet II, Kovea Spider and JetBoil Stash


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The Ocelot Windscreens in general weight about 1 oz (30 grams).  They are made of stainless steel.   The Ocelot systems will fully next in mugs above 700 ml, for smalle mugs, the "burner plate" would need to be stored externally.  Canister topped stoves can start loosing efficiency above a 2 mph wind: some may even stop working.  The Ocelot windscreens have been tested up to an 8 mph wind, full details can be seen on our YouTube Channel.

Pocket Rocket Deluxe  /  Pocket Rocket 2  /  Pocket Rocket Original

BRS 3000 (and clones)


Soto WindMaster 3 Flex / Soto WindMaster 4 Flex / Soto Amicus


Fire Maple 300                Fire Maple Hornet II

Kovea Spider

JetBoil Stash







Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in