Kovea Cooking System: Bobcat & Snow Leopard

Bobcat Kovea Cooking System

We enjoy using alcohol and Esbit based stoves. That being said, we also use isobutene stoves and in particular the remote feed invertible configuration. Remote fed stoves helps stabilize your pot and enable the use of a fully enclosed windscreen. Invertible stoves operate well at low temperatures and due to their inherent design, allow for great burner flame control. Our favorite stoves are the Kovea Spider and the MSR WindPro II.
We took the Bobcat Original windscreen (SS & Ti only) and added a fuel slot so that it can be used with all remote feed stoves with ¼” fuel lines. The Bobcat Kovea Cooking System allows you to boil, simmer, sauté, pan fry, steam bake, dry bake: you can do it all! The Bobcat Kovea windscreen is compatible with all of our stoves, alcohol and Esbit. Now you can have it all, use the Kovea Spider for winter camping as well as with large groups. Swap out the stove for a Bobcat Standard alcohol stove for short trips. Then use the Epicurean stove to dry bake a brownie. Whatever you want to do, the Bobcat Kovea has you covered. For larger pots, you can use the Bobcat Universal windscreen and it is compatible with large fuel lines like the older WhisperLite stoves.  The Bobcat Kovea Cooking System includes the Kovea Spider, windscreen (stainless steel or titanium), heat shield and a pot holding stake (canister shown for demonstration purposes only – not included).

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We created the Snow Leopard Kovea Cooking System for use with mugs.  When assembled, the windscreen is supported by the pot supports of the Kovea Spider.   The Snow Leopard Kovea is ideal for mug that are 750 ml and smaller (sorry, the MSR Titan and Evernew 900 just won’t fit).  Just like our regular Snow Leopard windscreens, we have integrated thermal shield to keep your mug handles cool to the touch.  The windscreen is designed to roll up and nest inside your mug and will leave enough storage space for the Spider.  The bottom of the windscreen is open, however; we provide plenty of wind protection for the mug and burner.





Cooking Capabilities Boil Simmer/Steam Saute/Pan Fry Dry Bake
Kovea Cooking System
√ = PREFERRED                    X = ACCEPTABLE


The Bobcat Kovea Components (click to expand)

The Kovea Spider Stove

The Kovea Spider Stove is a remote canister fuel that can be used in the inverted mode (at cold temperatures). It is extremely fuel efficient!  The ability to regulate the flame means everything that you can do with the Bobcat system, you can now do with the Bobcat Kovea Cooking System. Boil, Simmer, Sauté, Pan fry, Steam Bake, Dry Bake, you can do it all!

Kovea Stove    kovea-stove-closed

Since the windscreen is backwards compatible, you can also use any of our other stoves.  The Bobcat Kovea is our most versatile Cooking System.

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Bobcat Kovea Windscreen


The Bobcat Kovea Windscreen can be rolled up and stored inside the pot. We use snaps to hold the windscreen in the open position while cooking and in the closed position for storage. It takes less than 30 seconds to assemble or disassemble the windscreen.  The windscreen can be snapped together in and held in two positions:  the normal position is for fuel efficiency, simmering and dry baking.  The wide open position is when you want to heat up water ASAP or for melting snow.


Heat Shield


The heat shield will protect the environment from potential scorching and spillage (leave no trace). The heat shield can also reduce your boiling time by up to two minutes by reflecting heat back up to the stove and pot.

Titanium Pot

a-potThe Bobcat Kovea System is designed around a 1.3 liter (~ 5 ½ cup) titanium pot. This pot size is perfect for two people and yet it is lightweight enough for the soloist. This pot has sufficient volume to boil over 5 cups of water, and ample capacity for cooking meals or melting snow. We stock the Evernew Ultra-Light 1.3 liter titanium pot.. The Bobcat Kovea System is also compatible with the REI Ti-Ware series of 1.3 liter pots. The system works great with the TOAKS Outdoor 145mm diamter pots, we like the 1350 ml version. We are also compatible with the Open Country 2 quart pot.

Aluminum Baking Pans



We also offer a 4 inch and a 5 inch aluminum pan for baking. These pans have an anodized finish and are FDA approve. These heavy walled pans will produce an nice, even brown crust on your muffins and biscuits. These pans are used in conjunction with the Epicurean Titanium stove or the Bobcat stoves with the Bake & Simmer Ring. We use these pans to bake bread, lasagnas and quiches. See our cooking videos on our YouTube Channel.

Baking Supplies for the Bobcat Kovea Cooking System

bobcat-baking-kitThe Bobcat Baking Kit  The Bobcat Baking Kit is used in conjunction with the Bobcat Kovea Cooking  System.  Now, you can dry bake on the trail: fresh biscuits, cakes and more are now at your fingertips.   The kit contains a FDA approved, 4″ anodized pan and the FLAT CAT HAT for insulation. The pan has a 1 3/4 cup capacity, we also offer a larger, 5” diameter pan (3 cup capacity).  The 4″ pan weighs 3.15 oz. / 89 grams and the FLAT CAT HAT weighs under 0.5 oz. / 13 grams.  The 5″ pan weighs 4.25 oz. / 120 grams.

hat-for-bobcatThe FLAT CAT HAT for Bobcat  The FLAT CAT HAT is made of carbon felt and is used to help keep your food warm. When used in conjunction with the Bobcat Kovea windscreen the heat loss can be reduced by 30%. We also use the FLAT CAT HAT while baking as it will keep the oven 10 F to 15 F warmer by reducing heat loss through the lid.  The FLAT CAT HAT can also be used as a ground insulator when cooking on the cold ground or snow.  You can also use the FLAT CAT HAT as a hot pad or oven mitt.   Weight 13 grams

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