complete ultralight cook systems

everything you need to boil, simmer, fry & bake

epic meals at awesome places

bread, pizza, muffins and more – with perfectly browned crust!

convenient, efficient, and self-contained

as light as 2 ounces (56 grams), fuel efficient, and everything packs in the pot

packable, versatile, sustainable

We support denatured alcohol, solid fuels (Esbit, Coglan), isopropyl, gel alcohol, Sterno and isobutane

The Bobcat System (Pots): Alcohol, Esbit & Isobutane

Ocelot & Cheetah WIndscreens

The Snow Leopard System (Mugs): Alcohol & Esbit

Epic meals at awesome places

We design cooking systems that allow you to prepare the meals that you really want to eat, wherever you happen to be. From making tea on top of Mt. Whitney to melting snow during the Iditarod 1000-foot race to dry baking a deep-dish pizza on the John Muir Trail, we’ve been there and done that. We use to dream about cheeseburgers while hiking and now we just bake them on the trail! With our Cooking Systems you can boil, steam, pan fry and oven bake. Our Epicurean Backpacker’s Cookbook has some of our favorite trail tested recipes; you can download a copy for free! You now have the opportunity to cook the meals that you only used to dream about!

Our philosophy has been to develop and refine Cooking Systems that are reliable and easy to use. To meet these objectives, we designed all of our Cooking Systems to nest inside your pot or mug. This provides the ultimate protection and keeps your gear in one handy spot. Our cooking systems have been used worldwide as well as being used on long distance through hikes (PCT, AT & CDT). We also designed our Cooking Systems to be modular allowing you to configure your hardware for the different environments and logistical challenges.

In the last few years, we tackled and resolved a major weakness of canister topped stoves: robustness in the wind. Our revolutionary windscreens completely encircle the burner while allowing adequate ventilations to prevent overheating the gas canister. We have also cracked the code on how to integrate canister topped stoves into a Heat Exchange cooking system. This allows you to customize your kit at half the weight of off the shelf systems (JetBoil, MSR and knock offs)

We offer four basic cooking systems: Ocelot, Cheetah, Bobcat & Snow Leopard,

The Ocelot Windscreen

is designed for canister top stoves and consists of a full circle, yet partial height windscreen. Ocelot is designed to protect the burner head from the wind while allowing ample space to keep the isobutane canister cool while providing an ample supply of fresh air to your stove. The Ocelot Windscreen consists of a Stainless-Steel windscreen along with a stove specific burner plate that matches your stove to our windscreen. We support over a dozen types of the most popular canister topped stoves. Ocelot consist of 3 sizes of windscreens: Original for mugs up to 4.2”, Mini for mugs 3.8” and small and Ocelot 6 for pots up to 6” in diameter.

The Cheetah Windscreens

are specifically designed to support mugs with Heat Exchangers (HX) fins. HX Mugs are about 20%-30% more efficient than standard mugs. We designed a plate that integrates various stoves to a plethora of HX mugs. Additionally, the plate coupled with the HX geometry provide an outstanding windscreen system. Our performance is on par with the MSR WindBurner at a fraction of the weight and cost. This is the go-to system for the fast and light crowd that are primarily interested in fuel efficient systems that can boil water quickly.

The Bobcat Cooking System

is designed for people who prefer pots. We offer three sizes that correspond to the most popular pot sizes: 1.3-liter, 0.9 liter and 0.6 liter. Pots have a large diameter to height ratio and this characteristic produces Cooking Systems with the highest fuel efficiency. Bobcat Systems will boil 2 cups of water using 15 grams of fuel. The 1.3-liter size is ideal for two people. The 0.9 liter is the minimal size for two or the luxury size for one. The 0.6 liter is perfect for the soloist and can be used to boil 2 cups of water. We also support additional fuels such as Esbit, Isopropyl alcohol and Isobutane.

The Snow Leopard System

was designed for use with mugs. We offer two different windscreen sizes that correspond to the most popular mug sizes: Snow Leopard Original & Sr. (the Original and the Jr. were merged in 2018). We also offer windscreens in Stainless Steel as well as Titanium. This range allows us to support over 150 different mug diameters (500 ml to 1200 ml). Mugs are generally used a solo adventure as mugs are valued for their small pack volumes.



4/25/24: We just launched the Ocelot 6: Universal.  This windscreen mounts directly to your isobutane canister and is independent of the canister topped stove!

3/4/24: We now offer the Ocelot Mini for the MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe & 2!


2/23/24: Just launched the Cheetah Windscreen for the Fire Maple Petrel HX pot / Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove combinations!




1/2024: See Gear Skeptics review of the Ocelot Mini and Ocelot MAX in the wind!



5-13-23: See the latest review of the Cheetah System from PaleoHiker MD!



3-7-23: Announcing the introduction of the Ocelot Mini windscreens! They are designed to completely nest inside mugs as low as 400 ml.

3-7-23: Introducing 3 new Ocelot windscreens for the following stoves: Snow Peak LiteMax, Kovea SupaLite and the Fire Maple Hornet II

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