Ocelot Mini Pocket Rocket, LiteMax & SupaLite

Ocelot Minis are specific windscreens designed for smaller mug: 3.8″ in diameter and less.  They are designed to completely nest inside your mug.  Typically this means mugs from 400 ml to 650 ml.

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    Windscrend for mugs less than 3.8" in diamter
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The Ocelot Minis are an extension of the original Ocelot Windscreen design.  Specifically, the Ocelot Minis were designed to completely next inside mugs 3.8″ in diameter and smaller (think 400 – 650 ml).  To achieve this goal, only specific stoves can be used and these include : the MSR Pocket Rocket (Deluxe and 2) , Snow Peak LiteMax and the Kovea SupaLite

Weight: less than 30 grams

Material : Stainless Steel


MSR Pocket Rocket


Kovea SupaLite &  Snow Peak LiteMax



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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in