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Backpacker Magizine: Review to the BRS 3000t and Sensativity in the wind.

The Lightest Canister Stove on the Market Costs Just $16

5/24: Willow Walks review of the Ocelot BRS Windscreen


Chad (aka Stick)

GearSkeptic: Backpacking Stove Efficiency, Part 3: Windscreens

Here he test both the Ocelot Mini and the Ocelot MAX in the wind.  Both performed perfectly.


Gear Skeptic

PaleoHiker MD – Flat Cat Gear Oclelot Windscreen for MSR Pocket Rocket and Pocket Rocket Deluxe 2023

Ocelot System by PaleoHiker MD

PaleoHiker MD:  Flat Cat Gear Cheetah Inferno HX – ULTRALIGHT Alternative to the MSR Windburner



Three Points of the Compass: June 2021


Gear Talk: The Flat Cat Gear Ocelot Heat Exchanger Kit


Three Points of the Compass: June 2021

Philip Werner

Owner, Section Hiker

Field reviews from customers

Multiple FLAT CAT GEAR Customers

Ocelot Field Reviews

hendrik-2Hendrik Morkel, Hiking in Finland – Aug, 2012: Bobcat

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO review Hendrik Morkel is an active UL backpacker and the author of the blog site – Hiking in Finland. Hendrik is also an Ambassador to Gossamer Gear and Hyperlite Mountain Gear. This is his first review of the Bobcat Cooking System. Hendrik will write a Living Review as he uses the Bobcat Cooking System throughout the years.

Hendrik Morkel

Tuba Solo the Hiker reviews the Snow Leopard Kovea Cooking System – March 2016

Tuba Solo the Hiker

Hike It Like It InterviewHike It Like It Interview, August 2015

READ THE FULL REVIEWIt’s interview time again! Who better to pester with a great many questions than Jon Fong, the man behind Flat Cat Gear, and backcountry baker extraordinaire! Jon has not only been crafting ultralight stoves for some time now, he’s also been boiling, baking, steaming, simmering, and frying up all kinds of delicious food using his stoves and various techniques. Are you curious about Epicurean? Do Flat Cats pique your interest? Does the idea of baking a cheeseburger intrigue you!? What sort of trail sorcery is all of this?? We’ll get to the bottom of it…


Jacob D.

Barefoot Jake –  Summer 2014

Stove Review: Bobcat Kovea Spider

READ THE FULL REVIEWThe Flat Cat Gear Bobcat Kovea backpacking stove is a system for the used to boil water or cook real food in the woods. This stove has a handful of parts, but is simple to set up in the backcountry. I found it to be very efficient during my four season testing in the very wet Pacific Northwest.


This system can be used with esbit, alcohol or canister as a fuel source. I purchased it for the convince use with a fuel canister. Bad winter weather or traveling with a partner, its nice just to flip a switch. I was surprised how efficient it was in the long term.

My stove system was used on a ten day walk across Olympic National Park this last summer. We had two hot meals a day and still had plenty of fuel left at the end of the trip.

Photograph courtesy of Barefoot Jake

Barefoot Jake

Triple_BerrySeattle Backpacking Magizine – April, 13:  “Ultralight Baking with the Bobcat Stove System”

READ THE FULL REVIEW“…All you need in order to bake tasty muffin treats on a trek is an ultralight Bobcat system, which weighs less than half a pound, including the pot and a lightweight baking pan. The only weight you’ll have to carry over and above the ultralight cook kit is 3.1 oz (89 g) for a small (4″/10.2 cm) baking pan. You’ll be baking tasty treats in no time!”

Jim Barbour

ADvent_StovingHikin’ Jim, Adventures in Stoving – Feb,  2013: Bobcat Cooking System

READ THE FULL REVIEWHikin’ Jim has a blog site where he test and reviews all sorts of backpacking stoves. He uses alcohol stoves to white gas stoves and beyond!  When it comes to stoves, Jim is pretty much recognized as an expert in the field. Hikin’ Jim has been evaluating our Bobcat Cooking System for the last several months and this is his preliminary review.

Hikin' Jim

Brian_Green_Blog_Dry_BakingBrian, from Brian’s Backpacking Blog – Sept, 2012: Dry Baking

READ THE FULL REVIEWBrian reviews Dry Baking the FLAT CAT way. In this article, he describes his experience dry baking a cheesy biscuit. Brian uses the old (obsolete) SRB II stove in the Bobcat Cooking System. The biscuit baked perfectly and it didn’t last in the house very long!

Brian Green