Snow Leopard Cooking System

Snow Leopard Cooking System: Original, Junior, Senior & Cub

Snow Leopard Cooking System


Snow Leopard Cooking System is an ultra-compact cooking system designed for use with mugs. This compact design allows you to minimize your pack volume and weight. The Snow Leopard System has been successfully tested with over 150 different sizes and styles of mugs and the list is constantly growing! All of the stove components will nest inside the mug and are completely protected. The Snow Leopard System supports multiple fuels. We offer the Snow Leopard stove as well as the Multi-Fuel 1.1 isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and the Epicurean Stainless Steel Stove (Esbit). The Snow Leopard coupled with the Evernew 500 ml mug weighs a scant 4.75 oz. As of 2020, Snow Leopard Cooking Systems can be adapted to support thr Kovea Spider remote canister stove!  This is a great way to expand your cooking options..

SL Oven BW

For the Snow Leopard Backpacking Oven, we bundled an Evernew 900 ml mug with the Snow Leopard Sr.  This kit also includes the Epicurean Stainless Steel stove and the Big Muff pan. Now you can dry bake meals the same size meals as the Bobcat Backpacking Oven!  





Cooking Capabilities Boil Simmer/Steam Dry Bake

Snow Leopard 2.0

Epicurean Stainless
MultiFuel 1.5  √  
Focus Fire 14    
√ = PREFERRED                    X = ACCEPTABLE

The Snow Leopard Components (click to expand)

Snow Leopard: Original and Senior

Snow Leopard original Snow Leopard Senior


We also offer a 3 inch and a 4 inch aluminum pan for baking. These pans have an anodized finish and are FDA approve. These heavy walled pans will produce an nice, even brown crust on your muffins and biscuits. These pans are used in conjunction with the Epicurean Stainless Steel stove. We use these pans to bake bread, lasagnas and quiches. See our cooking videos on our YouTube Channel.

Stove Options

Muli Fuel 1.1Epicurean ThumbFocus_Fire_14

We offer 4 different stove options for the Snow Leopard System: The Snow Leopard Stove for denatured alcohol, the Multi-Fuel 1.5 Stove  (for isopropyl & denatured alcohol, gel alcohol, hand sanitizer, Esbit & Sterno)  the Epicurean Titanium adjustable solid fuel stove and the Focus Fire 14  All stoves have different advantages depending on your cooking needs, fuel availability, and weather conditions.

Heat Shield

heat-shieldThe heat shield will protect the environment from potential scorching and spillage (leave no trace). The heat shield can also reduce your boiling time by up to two minutes by reflecting heat back up to the stove and pot.

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Snow Leopard Cooking System Specifications


0.14 oz. / 4 gm.
Windscreen  1 oz. / 27 gm.
Pot holding pins  0.2 oz. / 6 gm.
Heat Shield  0.15 oz. / 4 gm.
Total Weight  1.4 oz. / 39 gm.

The Snow Leopard Stove 2.0

We custom designed the FLAT CAT Snow Leopard Stove to work specifically with mugs (which are much smaller than pots!).  Like the original FLAT CAT stove, this stove is an open reservoir design that does not need priming, doesn’t have a wick and doesn’t need to “bloom’ before use.  You fill it up and light it: that’s it!  The FLAT CAT Snow Leopard has been tested to 14,505 feet! Below are stove specifications and lab test results.

Materials – Titanium
Weight – 0.14 oz. / 4 gm.
Capacity – 1.0 oz. / 45 ml
Diameter 2.1 in / 53 mm
Height – 0.7 in / 18 mm

Fuel Used Time To Boil Flame Out
2 cups – 70F 0.57 oz. / 17 ml 8:15 9:15
2 cups – 40F  0.77 oz. / 23 ml 10:20 12:15
2 cups – ice cubes 1.1 oz. / 34 ml 19:00 21:45
2 cups – 70F
Wind 4.8mph peak
1 oz. / 30 ml 15:00 16:00

A Snow Peak Trek 700 was used for all of the test data.  Different mugs may have different performances due to mug geometry and materials.

Mug Compatibility

Snow Leopard Original  Snow Leopard Senior
 (3.6 to 4.1 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep) (4.4 to 4.6 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep)
Snow Peak Trek 700 Snow Peak 600 MSR Titan Kettle
(The windscreen extends beyond the mug and is held in place by inverting the lid)
Snow Peak Mini Soloist- Ti Evernew Ultralight Ti Mug 500 (ECA266)
(The windscreen extends beyond the mug and is held in place by inverting the lid)
Evernew Ultralight Titanium Mug Pot 800 (ECA267)
Snow Peak Hybrid Summit GSI Halulite Minimalist Evernew Ultralight Pasta Pot (1000 ml) (ECA522)
Snow Peak Mini Soloist –Al Klean Kanteen 40oz, wide Evernew Ultralight Deep Pot (ECA265)
Evernew 700 (ECA521) Stanley Camp and Cook Set Evernew Non-Stick Deep Pot (ECA402)
Evernew UL Deep (ECA264) Imusa 10 cm Mug Vargo Ti-Lite mug (900 ml)
Evernew UL Non Stick Deep (ECA401) TOAKS Titanium 600 ml Pot REI Ti-Ware Pasta Pot ( 1 liter)
Evernew UL Stacking (ECA278) TOAKS, Titanium 650 ml Mug TOAKS Titanium 1100ml Pot with Pan
REI Ti Ware Cup and Pot Set   TOAKS Titanium 1000ml Pot 700ml mug   Snow Peak 900 ml Mug
Crux Lite/Terra Solo   Luxiada 900 ml mug
Esbit  – Titanium pot PT750-TI    
Vargo Ti Lite 750    
Stoic Ti Kettle 700 ml    
Mountain Laurel Design 850ml Titanium Pot.    
TOAKS Titanium 750ml Pot    
TOAKS Titanium 600 ml Pot    
Alpkit – MytiMug    
(3.6 to 4.1 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep) (4.4 to 4.6 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep)

The Flat Cat Simmer Ring

Simmer Ring Snow LeopardThe Flat Cat Simmer Ring for the Snow Leopard will reduce the heat output by 1/3 to a ¼ of the full output (the simmer ring weighs 16 grams). The simmer mode is perfect for simmering soups, making pasta and cooking rice. The reduced output proportionally reduces your fuel consumption as well! The simmer ring cannot be used for dry baking; you will need to use the Epicurean Titanium stove to bake with the Snow Leopard System.

The Epicurean Stainless Steel Stove: an adjustable solid fuel stove

Epicurean SS 1The Epicurean Stainless Steel Stove is our finest stove for baking and simmering. It has all of the features of the Epicurean Classic and is easier to use. The Epicurean Stainless Steel Stove will boil 2 cups of water in 8 minutes or simmer/bake for 50 minutes on a single 14 gram Esbit tablet. The Epicurean Stainless Steel stove works with both the Bobcat and Snow Leopard Cooking Systems. The Epicurean Stainless Steel  Stove has been validated to 13,500 feet!


The Multi-Fuel 1.5 stove – for use with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and many other fuels

For the Bobcat and Snow Leopard Cooking Systems

Muli Fuel 1.1We invented the Multi-Fuel 2.0  isopropyl alcohol stove and it burns rubbing alcohol without creating soot!  This is a great stove when a) denatured alcohol is not readily available and b) excellent for people who have concerns about handling methanol.  The Bobcat System is capable of burning 70% to 91% rubbing alcohol: we recommend using 91%.   Using 91% isopropyl, the Multi-Fuel 2.0 stove will boil 2 cups of water in ~10 minutes using ½ oz. of alcohol.  For the best soot free operation, the stove needs to warm up prior to putting the pot on.   The Multi-Fuel 2.0 stove will also burn denature and gelled alcohol as well as Sterno and Esbit.  Weight 1.0 oz. (30 grams)

See the Hiram Cook video where he tests the Iso-Clean stove!

The Snow Leopard Baking Pan

Nothing smells better than fresh baked bread when you are out backpacking. Indulge yourself with the Snow Leopard Baking Pan. We selected the Fat Daddios 3″ by 3″ aluminum pan for our system.  If you own a Snow Peak 700, the pan AND the windscreen can be stored inside the mug. Please note that maximum diameter of the pan is 3.6”.   The Snow Leopard baking pan weighs 2.60 oz. / 74 grams.  We recommend using the Epicurean Titanium stove for baking.

We can cut the lip off: this will reduce the diameter to 3.2″ and then the pan will easily fit inside a Snow Peak 600.  The trimmed pan weighs 2.05 oz. / 58 grams. We also offer the Big Muff pan for people who use the Snow Leopard Sr. (MSR Titan & Evernew 900 ml mugs).  This pan is 4″ by 3″ tall as has nearly the same capacity as our 5″ by 2″ pan.

See the Shop link above for details.

Our mug recommendation

Snow Leopard is designed to work with a multitude of mugs. If you don’t already own one of these mugs, we are happy to provide a recommendation. In developing the Snow Leopard stove, we concluded that the Evernew 700 mug (ECA521) is the finest mugs on the market. The Evernew 700 has all of the features that you need for cooking. It comes with a well-designed, light weight, snap-fit titanium lid that has a built in strainer. The handles fold away for storage and they are insulated with high temperature silicone tubing. This keeps the handles cool to the touch during the entire cooking process. Inside the mug, there are volume indicators clearly marking both cups and milliliters. The Evernew 700 exudes quality and is the lightest mug in its class weighting 3.35 oz. / 95 grams. The Snow Leopard / Evernew mug combination have a total weight of 5.5 oz. / 156 gm.! For those of you seeking the ultimate light weigh and low volume mug, we carry the Evernew 500 ml Titanium mug (2.6 oz.). When used with our Snow Leopard Jr. your total system weight is 4.75 ounces! The Evernew 500 also has excellent workmanship and features a snap fit titanium lid.  We are also please to carry the TOAKS Outdoor products.  The TOAKS 700 ml Titanium mug is the best value for a titanium mug, we prefer it over the Snow Peak 700 mug.

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