Ocelot 6: Universal

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    Windscreen for pots up to 6" in diamter
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Currently, there are a few clip-on windscreens for canister topped stove with the Optimus Clip-On windscreen being the most common. The Optimus Clip-On Is a piece component that weighs 87 grams (~3 oz) and is designed to nest around an 8 oz fuel canister. The windscreen is 4.3” in diameter or about the size of our Ocelot Original.  We decided to design a larger windshield that would support pots as larger as the Evernew 1.3-liter ultralight pot (6”). Additionally, it had to be lighter and be able to pack down to fit inside a mug.

Introducing the Ocelot 6: Universal! The Ocelot 6 Universal attaches directly to the fuel canister and is compatible with a vast majority of the canister topped stoves on the market. It will accommodate pots up to 6” in diameter and disassembles and stores inside a small mug like the Snow Peak Trek 700. Construction is all Stainless Steel and weighs a scant 45 grams.


























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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in