Cheetah The Full Monty

  • Price: $120.00
    A complete cooking system


Cheetah – the Full Monty

This is a complete cooking system and includes the following
The Sterno Inferno Stove is brand new in the original box (HX Mug, windscreen and all)
The Cheetah Version 1 Windscreen
A Fire Maple 300t stove (pre-attached to the Cheetah)
Replacement lid
Clip on Windshield
The total system weight is 6.9 oz.
The Cheetah Full Monty is nearly as robust as the MSR WindBurner and less than half the weigh. It is also twice as wind robust as a JetBoil.
The Sterno Inferno HX mug has been discontinued and there are very few mugs left in the United States. Once we are out, they are gone.









Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in