Epicurean UL15 Stove

Epicurean UL15

Weight: 6 grams

Stainless Steel

The ground to stove distance is 1.75

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    Dual Mode stove High for boil / Low for simmer or bake, now in Stainless Steel - 6 grams
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The Epicurean stove was designed to efficiently burn Esbit and other solid fuels. The stove is unique in that it has a dual burn mode: high for boiling and low for simmer/dry baking. When burning in the simmer/dry bake mode, the stove will generate minimal odor and will not leave soot on your pot.

When used for dry baking (in a titanium pot), the Esbit will burn for 50-60 minutes . Burn times can be dependent on the mass/volume of what you are cooking. In this mode, the stove output is ~ 100 watts. When using an aluminum pot, the burn time can be shorter at approximately 30-35 minutes.

When using a titanium mug in the Snow Leopard System, the simmer time will be 35-45 minutes.

Note: We offer separate components to people who need replacement parts, want an extra part or want to experiment. We designed all of our equipment to work as a system. If components are purchased independently and not used in our system as recommended, then the performance cannot be guaranteed. In fact, using incompatible components can cause damage to your windscreen, stove or even your pot. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Weight: 6 grams

The ground to stove distance is 1.75″

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2.5 × 1 in