The Multi-Fuel 1.5 Stove

The Multi-Fuel 1.1 Isopropyl alcohol stove burns rubbing alcohol without creating soot! It will also burn methanol, ethanol, gelled alcohol, Sterno, hand sanitizer and solid fuels.

The Multi-Fuel 1.5 Alcohol Stove

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    While designed to burn isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) the MultiFuel stove burns all kinds of alcohol; denatured, gel, hand sanitizer, sterno and even Esbit!
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We designed the Multi-Fuel Stove to cleanly burn Isopropyl alcohol, the Multi-Fuel Stove also burns denatured alcohol (methanol, ethanol and blends of both) as well as gelled alcohol, Sterno and hand sanitizer.  We have also burned solid fuels inside the stove.  You can take this stove around the world and probably find a fuel that will burn in it.

The Multi-Fuel 1.5 Isopropyl alcohol stove burns rubbing alcohol without creating soot! We invented the Multi-Fuel stove and this is our forth generation and best isopropyl alcohol stove. This is a great stove when a) denatured alcohol is not readily available and b) excellent for people who have concerns about handling methanol (found in most denatured alcohol). The Multi-Fuel stove is designed to burn 70% isopropyl alcohol. With higher percentages of isopropyl alcohol, we recommend that water be added to bring the mix to ~70%. The Iso-Clean stove will boil 2 cups of water in about 9 minutes. The stove will use ½ oz. of alcohol and will continue to burn for 2 more minutes. For the best soot free operation, the stove will need to warm up for a minute prior to putting the pot on. Note that the stove to pot gap is set at ~ 0.5 inches.

With the Bobcat System, you can use 91% isopropyl alcohol. During the last 2-3ml of alcohol, the stove flames will turn from blue to yellow so remove your pot as soon as it boils and you will not generate soot on your pot.  With the Snow Leopard System, we recommend that you use 70% isoprpyl as the system runs hotter.

Note: We offer separate components to people who need replacement parts, want an extra part or want to experiment. We designed all of our equipment to work as a system. If components are purchased independently and not used in our system as recommended, then the performance cannot be guaranteed. In fact, using incompatible components can cause damage to your windscreen, stove or even your pot. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.


Weight:    31 grams

The ground to pot distance is 1.75″

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2.8 × 2.8 × 1 in