complete ultralight cook system

everything you need to boil, simmer and bake

real baked comfort foods on the trail

bread, pizza, muffins and more – with perfectly browned crust!

convenient, efficient, and self-contained

as light as 5 ounces, fuel efficient, and everything packs in the pot

packable, versatile, sustainable

customize with the type of stove, fuel & accessories that fit your needs

Convenient, Complete Systems


Bobcat System

Our most versatile and efficient solution Complete kit under 5.4 oz. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OVERVIEW

Snow Leopard System

For those who prefer mugs
Complete kit under 4.0 oz. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OVERVIEW

At FLAT CAT GEAR, we design and manufacture alcohol stoves for backpackers and adventures.

We design our gear to be packable, dependable and sustainable. All of our cooking systems can be packed inside the cooking pot, which results in minimal pack volume while providing ultimate protection during hiking. We do more than just boil water, our cooking systems also allow you to simmer, sauté, steam and even dry bake! We test all of our gear under real world conditions including high altitudes, cold temperatures and variable wind. Our alcohol stoves use sustainable resources, not fossil fuels and these fuels can be sourced locally. We offer two basic cooking systems: Bobcat and Snow Leopard. The Bobcat Cooking System is our most versatile and fuel efficient cooking system. Using the Bobcat Cooking System, you can boil, simmer, pan fry, steam and dry baking and yet, the Bobcat System can weighs as low as 7.4 ounces. The Snow Leopard System is ideal for people who want to minimize their pack volume. Even with the smaller mug capacity, you can boil, simmer, steam and pan fry! The Snow Leopard Cooking System (including mug) can weigh less than 4.75 ounces! Everyone has their favorite mug, so the Snow Leopard comes in three sizes: Original, Junior and Senior. We currently support over 35 different mugs. All pricing and shipping information can be found under The FLAT CAT Store here or on the navigation link on the left. We do much more than just boil water efficiently! We have the capability to make all sorts of items. We can boil and simmer so making soups is super easy. We have developed a dry baking process and routinely make fresh breads and muffins while out on the trail. We even make lasagna and quiches when we backpack. Come in and explore all of the interesting things that you can do with a FLAT CAT GEAR Cooking System!


The Snow Leopard Kovea Cooking System.

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We are offering pots, mugs and stoves as individual items in out store.  We carry Evernew, Kovea and TOAKS Outdoors products.


Select Evernew UltraLight Titanium series of pots and mugs


The Kovea Spider: remote invertable stove

TOAKS 900Toaks 700 mug

TOAKS Outdoor Titanium pot and mug

Our new Epicurean Backpacker’s Cookbook

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Introducing our Bobcat Mini Cooking System

Bobcat Mini