Different Fuels

FLAT CAT Cooking Systems are Multi-Fuel

We offer multiple stoves for both the Bobcat Cooking System as awell as the Snow Leopard Cooking System. Our stoves allow you to burn denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, solid fuels like Esbit and we are now introducing Crossover Burning where you use a combination of wood and alcohol (Bobcat only). We are dependable because no matter where you go in the world, we have a stove that will work for you.

Bobcat 112914Bobcat ti 112914

Snow Leopard  2 112914TiLight bwBobcat Light

Denatured Alcohol

We offer multiple denatured alcohol stoves: the Bobcat Standard, the Bobcat Titanium, the Snow Leopard , Tilight and Bobcat Light Stove. Denatured alcohol is readily available at paint & hardware stores or you can use HEET (methanol alcohol in the yellow bottle at) found at most automobile & convenience stores.  You can also use Everclear and Bacardi 151 as a fuel (yes, we have tested this!).  Hand sanitizer Sterno will work in a pinch.  Fire gels can be found online.


Testing the Bobcat Standard Stove, with differing fuels
S-L-X Ethanol ~50%
Methanol ~50%
15ml 6:40 8:00 N/A
HEET – Yellow Methanol ~100% 15ml 6:40 8:00 N/A
Sunnyside 834
(prior to 2012)*
Ethanol ~87%
Methanol ~4%
15ml 5:50 8:00 Yellow tips, light soot, smells
Sunnyside 834
(prior to 2012)*
Ethanol ~87%
Methanol ~4%
Adding 10% water eliminates the yellow tips and soot
Everclear 151 Ethanol ~75%
Water ~25%
16ml 9:15 10:15 Slow to reach mature flame front, slow burn rate
Everclear 190 Ethanol ~95%
Water ~5%
When used full strength, customers have been reporting yellow tips and soot.  When diluted with 10% water, the flames are blue and no soot is generated.  Everclear 190 is illegal to own in California
CVS Advanced Hand Sanitizer Ethanol ~70% 15 grams 11:00 14:00 Slow to reach a mature flame, slow to die down.
Swiss Fire Gel Ethanol ~70%  Works
Sterno Ethanol ~70% Works
TTB – Time to Boil
FO – Flame Out
In 2012, Sunnyside changed their 834 denatured alcohol formulation to Ethanol ~43% / Methanol ~52%


Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol

Muli Fuel 1.1Multi Fuel 2.5

The Muli-Fuel family was designed to burn 70% to 91% isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.  HEET in the red bottle is ~100% methanol.  These stoves burn isopropyl alcohol in a clean manner and will not deposit soot on your pot.  Additionally, these stoves can also be used with denatured alcohol, gel alcohols, Sterno and hand sanitizer.


Solid Fuels


Epicurean Thumb

Epicurean Titanium UL15Epicurean EZBakeFocus_Fire_14